Skyline Drive

View of the Minneapolis Skyline from a moving car.

Here’s the view of the Minneapolis skyline from a moving car. This was a 5 second exposure. I had to drive very still but there was still a ton of bumps. I’m suprised it looked this good. What’s interesting is the 5 second exposures were as sharp or sharper than the 1.6 second ones. Could be a number of factors but I did have image stabilization off in the 5 second exposures.

Driving through the Lowry Hill Tunnel in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I like how the light looks like it’s coming into the car in this one. So I was concerned about mounting a tripod inside the car and keeping it stable or becoming a projectile. I set the two tripod legs on the floor of the car as wide as possible and then the third went to the back seat in the middle. Then I took the left and right rear seat belts and looped them over the tripod head. The tripod was rock steady in the car with no swaying or leaning forward at all.

Next time I may try a neutral density filter to catch longer and more abstract light trails.

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