St. Paul Union Depot

Union Depot Saint Paul, Minnesota, St Paul

Union Depot Interior

I went to the newly renovated Union Depot in St. Paul, Minnesota. $243 million was spent to update and create a transit hub for trains, buses, light rail and maybe a high speed train someday. It was a good time to take pictures as there is not a lot of foot traffic. Mostly just curious visitors visting for the first time or comparing to how they remember it.

Christos Restaurant, Union Depot, St Paul, Minnesota, Saint Paul

Christos Restaurant in the Union Depot

Here’s Christo’s restaurant with a few patrons getting a jump on the dinner rush. Seemed like a nice atmosphere for a restaurant.

Light Rail Station, St. Paul, Minnesota, Saint Paul

Lightspeed Rail

Outside is a newly built light rail station. It isn’t in operation yet. I caught some interesting reflections off the station.

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4 thoughts on “St. Paul Union Depot

  1. This is my new house! Very handsome photo of the concourse. (The 2nd floor of Union Depot restored is a suite of loft condominiums, in which I purchased a small split-level studio–my first owned home!) RS

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