Minnesota State Capitol Memorials (Part 3)

Spiral of Justice, Roy Wilkins Memorial, Minnesota State Capitol Memorials, Saint Paul, St. Paul

Spiral of Justice

Okay this will be the last post on the State Capitol memorials. Here is the Spiral of Justice which is a tribute to Roy Wilkins who was a big part of the civil rights movement in the 60’s.

Spiral of Justice, Roy Wilkins, Minnesota State Capitol Memorials, St. Paul, Saint Paul, Rain

Spiral of Justice in the Rain

It’s an interesting memorial with lots of texture. Not the easiest thing to photograph though. There’s no elevation in the area where you can look down to get a good view of the spiral.

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Minnesota State Capitol Memorials (Part 2)

Minnesota State Capitol Vietnam Memorial, St. Paul, Saint Paul

“We We’re Young, We Died. Remember Us”. reads the inscription on the memorial for veterans of the Vietnam conflict.

U.S.S. Ward Naval Gun, World War 2, Pearl Harbor, First Shot Fired

U.S.S. Ward naval gun that fired the first shot by the U.S. at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th, 1941. The shot hit the Japanese submarine sinking it.

Veteran's Day, Memorial, Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul, Saint Paul, Red Rose

A Rose placed at the memorial for veterans that returned from foreign wars. This was placed there the day before Veteran’s Day.

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Minnesota State Capitol Memorials

The Thin Blue Line, Minnesota State Capitol, Photography, Peace Officers Memorial

The Thin Blue Line

The Minnesota State Capitol grounds has a lot of interesting memorials and tributes. The one above is for police officers that have died on duty. The thin blue line represents the delicate balance between the lawless and the lawful.

Fallen Firefighters Memorial, Photography, Minnesota State Capitol, Memorial

Fallen Firefighters Memorial

This memorial was just dedicated this fall for firefighter that have lost their lives. I made some adjustments to the color balance to give it the feel of a rescue in progress.

Someone Left the Light On

Season of the Witch, Witch Hat Tower, Prospect Park, Minneapolis, Full Moon, Halloween, Scary, Eerie

The Witch Hat Tower and a Full Moon

Halloween is over but the Witch Hat Tower in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis is a staple year round. Shown here next to a full moon the tower is open once a year in June for residents to climb to the top.

John H. Stevens, Light Paint, Statue, Light Effect, Spooky, Ghost, Minneapolis

Spooky Statue

This spooky man was one of the first residents of Minneapolis. John H. Stevens is the statue and he comes to life at night. Well not really but it’s good for Halloween.

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Rainbow Leaves

Autumn Leaves, Fall Color, Changing Leaves, Green Yellow Orange Leaves

The leaves changing from green to yellow to red.

The summer to autumn connection. Maybe even sung by a frog or maybe not. Not sure what frogs do in the fall.

Crown Maker

Crown Maker

This looks like it might be something out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey but it’s actually the interior of the Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis.

The Capella Tower is known for it’s crown and is the disputed tallest skyscraper in Minneapolis. The IDS tower is slightly taller if you count the window washing shed located on top of the building. The Wells Fargo Center is also about the same height but slightly shorter.

Besides the 2001 reference it looks to me like some machine making Saturn’s rings or perhaps the crown for the top of the building.

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Holding On

Tunnel, Holding On, Zoom, Time Travel, Culvert

Holding On

I think we’ve all been there when life keeps moving and we just want to stay in one place. You know you can’t stop time but maybe you can slow it down for just an instant.

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Futuristic Roulette?

Futuristic Roulett, Abstract, Clothes Dryer, Motion

From the future or a common appliance?

Is this roulette from the future? Maybe not. For other abstracts visit my gallery Abstracts.

James J HIll House at Night


I was in St Paul photographing the Cathedral of St Paul for the Festival of Lights when I had to stop by the James J Hill House. Funny thing is I’ve tried to get photos at night before but the main gate is closed. Last time I noticed a clearing literally a few feet from the sidewalk that allows you access to the grounds. So I took the opportunity to snap a few night shots.

While I was there other people were outside the main gate disappointed they couldn’t get in. I’m not sure if they saw me or not. I don’t think they even care if you walk around otherwise they’d surely put a fence or shrubs in the clearing.

Skyline Drive

View of the Minneapolis Skyline from a moving car.

Here’s the view of the Minneapolis skyline from a moving car. This was a 5 second exposure. I had to drive very still but there was still a ton of bumps. I’m suprised it looked this good. What’s interesting is the 5 second exposures were as sharp or sharper than the 1.6 second ones. Could be a number of factors but I did have image stabilization off in the 5 second exposures.

Driving through the Lowry Hill Tunnel in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I like how the light looks like it’s coming into the car in this one. So I was concerned about mounting a tripod inside the car and keeping it stable or becoming a projectile. I set the two tripod legs on the floor of the car as wide as possible and then the third went to the back seat in the middle. Then I took the left and right rear seat belts and looped them over the tripod head. The tripod was rock steady in the car with no swaying or leaning forward at all.

Next time I may try a neutral density filter to catch longer and more abstract light trails.

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