This is what I use for taking my photos.

Sony SLT-A55 – love the articulating LCD especially since I wear glasses.
Sony Zeiss CZ1635 – f/2.8 16-35mm wide angle lens – my main lens for landscape, cityscape and architecture.
Sony SAL70400G – f/4.0 70-400mm – After hearing how great this lens is I finally jumped on it and so far have been very impressed. Fantastic range and image quality.
Tamron 18-270mm – Great all around lens to have in the car or travel with. Does eveything well and is easy as a walk around lens.
Minolta 85mm 1.4 – Great portait lens with wonderful bokeh. Highly recommended as long as you can deal with quite a bit of chromatic abberation.
Sigma 8-16mm – Great for architecture especially if using cameras with the APS-C size sensors. You can almost take a panorama with one shot.
Sony SAL35 – 35mm lens was one of my first. Really good in low light especially indoors.

Adobe Lightroom – One of the best purchases I made.
Photoshop – Do some work with layers and also use the Wire Worm plugin when removing distracting power lines.
Photomatix – My tool for HDR.
Enfuse Plugin – HDR plugin for Lightroom that give a more natural look. Works well for night photos.

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